F.O.S.TM: Fresnel Optimization System

A 12-element zoom system fitted with an optically structured Fresnel output lens specially developed for using framing shutter blades, geometric gobos, or an ovalization lens without the […]


Extreme focus range for powerful laser sources with ultra-intensive beams of under 1°. This optical system allows you to adjust the shape of the beam according to […]


Intelligent shutter system for a moving-head projector beam controlled on a defined path when moving on pan & tilt. This intelligent protection system prevents the audience from […]


Miniaturisation and luminaire weight-reduction programme. The use of new lighter, stronger materials and the design of smarter internal structures have helped reduce weight significantly. Our new high-efficiency […]


High-definition liquid effect fitted between the main lenses of the luminaire used for creating complex graphic effects. Using RGB signalling LEDs, equipped with a black enclosure and […]


A complex 13-element optical system dedicated to long-distance applications that was specifically developed to achieve an optimal resolution-to-performance-to-efficiency ratio, adapted for this use without significant loss of […]


Wheel with fixed colour filters spread over several concentric circles allowing instant access to each colour. The number of colours available depends on the size of the […]


Glass or metal wheel, fixed or rotating, spread over several concentric circles with instant access to each gobo.The number of gobos available depends on the size of […]

Multi-FXTM: Multi-Effect System

An animation wheel made of glass or metal, monochromatic or multicolour, with multiple positions over 100% of the surface. This system allows horizontal, vertical, or axial scrolling […]


An intelligent protection system for luminaires intended for outdoor use. This advanced system protects the interior of IP65+ luminaires from the sun’s rays regardless of their installation […]


An intelligent protection system for luminaires intended for outdoor use. The heating system protects electronic and mechanical components from temperatures below -10° C (14° F). This allows […]

T.C.S.TM: Trillion Colour System

Complex miniaturized subtractive colour mixing system with a double level of colour saturation theoretically capable of reproducing 281 trillion colours. The second level of CMY saturation lets […]

FX-K7TM: Effect Cassette

Cassette with monochromatic or multicoloured geometric effects that allow you to project spectacular animated patterns. Each cassette consists of two layers of glass, one of which is […]


Next generation waterproof luminaire that presents a minimalist design in injected aluminium, incorporating full weather protection features with simplified interior access to the product. The new mechanical […]


Technically designed sides in multi-function cast aluminium, intelligently combining a decorative outer wall and an internal technical structure in a single piece. All these features are thereby […]


Optical system with an ultra-compact LED module and low geometric etendue, a unique light guide, and Fresnel lens with an optical texture that can obtain 10% more […]


Proprietary zoom optics with a square transmitting lens, offering the features of a round lens with a 20% greater diameter that can generate a much more intensive […]


Ultra-powerful graphic strobe luminaire with a square matrix of very high-efficiency LEDs capable of continuous, unlimited, rotation on pan and tilt. The duration, speed and intensity of […]


Multi-rotation, multi-axis, multi-element, multi-shape conceptual luminaire that allows full control of each parameter. Each moving element with a cubic, spherical, cylindrical, or other shape that is capable […]


Exclusive revolutionary new 126 mm diameter collimation optics. Weighing 550 grams, this new high-efficiency optical system is the world’s largest collimator on the market. This lens combined […]


Multiple double-sided hybrid luminaire. It can be equipped with a video images side, a volumetric 3D light effect side, a strobe side, a blinder side, a mirror […]


Individual cooling system for one or more LED sources that evacuates the air at the edges of the optics while preventing any pollution. This device allows the […]


Minimalist cylindrical design combined with continuous double rotation on the pan & tilt axes, allowing the user to create groups of luminaires and control each light emitter […]


Reliable and secure Ethernet connection system between luminaires not requiring the use of external switches. For luminaires that use many channels, an integrated internal switch allows fast […]

A.C.S.TM: Additive Colour Synthesis

Complex additive colour mixing system with three sides and three, four, five or six colours. The classic version with the three primary colours, RGB, lets you determine […]

I.R.S.TM: Infinite Rotation System

Infinite rotation system on pan/tilt or pan & tilt. Based on a robotic multi-circuit rotating power and signal connector, it provide the electrical link between the different […]


Passive liquid phase-change cooling system with no fan, called a heat pipe. At the end of the heat pipe located near the element to be cooled, the […]

O.B.M.TM: Optical Beam Mixer

Multifunction mono-block optical system in PMMA for collimating four individual LED sources with a concentration pyramid and an integrated mixing and homogenization light guide. This device collects […]


Semi-transparent modular LED imaging screen designed for creating special effects. The body of the video tile is made of highly resistant and exceptionally transparent polycarbonate with a […]


Load transfer system for a floor screen whose internal structure is specifically designed to support heavy loads on the glass tile without altering the projected image. The […]