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The Ayrton brand was born in 2001 out of a passionate collaboration between professionals in lighting, technology and industrial design.

Based near Paris, France, Ayrton has specialized in developing intelligent LED lighting solutions for the entertainment and the architecture industries.

Ayrton’s R&D department boasts some of the finest experts in the fields of mechanical, electronic and software engineering, who translate new technology and avant-guard development concepts into unique and original products. From the moment of launch, Ayrton solutions almost instantly become the choice of lighting designers in television production, theatre and high-profile events.


Ayrton is the creator of lighting solutions such as EasyColor, ModuLed, DreamPanel, ArcaLine, IceColor, WildSun, RollaPix, MagicPanel, MagicBlade, IntelliPix, MagicDot, CosmoPix, AlienPix and Merak. Now, after Ghibli and Mistral, the company has launched two more electrifying products: Bora and Khamsin.


GHIBLI™ was Ayrton’s first LED spot luminaire factory-equipped with a framing system designed to offer lighting designers unlimited creative possibilities without any compromise. Fitted with a LED module using a high-output, low-etendue monochromatic light source calibrated at 6500 K, GHIBLI could deliver light output of 23,000 lumens in a highly compact format. The proprietary optical system, equipped with a 137 mm frontal lens, had 13 high-quality lenses, delivering an 8:1 zoom ratio and a zoom range of 7° to 56°. The optics produced an extremely uniform flat beam with no hot spot. The gobos were selected in collaboration with lighting designers to meet the needs of the entertainment industry.  Ayrton concentrated its expertise into one, single, versatile fixture to offer a maximum of creative possibilities.


Ayrton’s MERAK™ was a powerhouse of technology that featured a 10:1 optical zoom system, combined with a 250-Watt low-etendue, RGBW multichip LED module. The 7° to 70° zoom employed light pipe technology paired with a new textured Fresnel lens designed to ensure perfectly homogeneous colour mixing regardless of the colour combination selected. With its single-source transmitting lens, MERAK could cast wonderfully crisp light and shadows. The fixture was equipped with a de-focusable rotating beam-shaping optic. A new liquid cooling system was also employed, permitting the fixture to operate in all positions. These innovations would allow the LED emitters to be run at full power continuously without any loss of performance. To celebrate Ayrton’s 15th Anniversary, MERAK presented a sleeker, updated, industrial design, with perfectly straightened yoke arms and minimalist base, as well as a new menu navigation system using a single clicking jog wheel.


The new WILDSUN™K25 True Color (TC) is an evolution of the WILDSUN-K25, specially geared to shooting and broadcasting in high-definition. Producing extremely high-quality light without flickering, this luminaire achieves a colour temperature perfectly calibrated at 5700K and a colour rendering index greater than 92. This is the only LED luminaire capable of measuring up to the classic Fresnel HMI 4000 and 6000 lights in terms of pure output. The new WILDSUN-K25 True Color is particularly suitable for meeting the stringent lighting demands of sporting events, fashion shows, car shows or any prestigious events requiring high-quality light and perfectly rendered colour. Fitted with 217 next-generation RGBW high-output LEDs, the luminaire delivers more than 70,000 lumen of overall output with 40% less energy consumption. 


The versatile MAGICBLADE™FX was an exciting new iteration of Ayrton’s award-winning MAGICBLADE-R, which had been sold by the thousands for use on major musical tours worldwide. The latest MAGICBLADE was equipped with the revolutionary FX optical zoom system that had no visible moving parts and a fixed transmitting lens. With a 15:1 zoom ratio, the beam angle of this proprietary system ranged from 3.6º to 53º. It featured seven squared 65 mm transmitting lenses, each with an optical surface equivalent to a round lens with an 80 mm diameter, combined with a ultra-powerful, low-etendue, LED emitter, enabling MAGICBLADE-FX to project intense beams for creating 3D volumetric effects. The MagicBlade-FX had seven next-generation RGBW high-output LEDs that could be individually controlled to create airborne virtual scenery or illuminate sets and performers. The crisp, clean separation between LED sources helped designers to develop innovative graphic effects.    


MAGICPANEL™FX is the exciting new multi-function, multi-use luminaire descended from the renowned MagicPanel-R. With a revolutionary new optical zoom system that has no visible moving parts and a stationary transmitting lens, this proprietary system has a 15:1 zoom ratio with a range of 3.6° to 53°. The front face of MAGICPANEL-FX is comprised of a 5 x 5 array of squared lenses with perfectly isolated emitters – which offer exciting new possibilities for creating 2D graphical effects. Each of the 25 squared 65 mm output lenses have an optical surface equivalent to that of an 80 mm round lens, combined with an ultra-powerful, low-etendue, LED emitter. MAGICPANEL-FX produces an extremely powerful beam capable of creating extraordinarily new 3D volumetric effects.


INTELLIPIX™XT was a refined and evolved version of Ayrton’s original INTELLIPIX-R. In the same creative spirit, this versatile luminaire was fitted with nine ultra-powerful, low-etendue, multichip LED emitters, which could be controlled individually. They were coupled with Ayrton’s proprietary 126 mm diameter optics. This configuration pushed the limits even further with a 2° full beam and a centre-beam luminous intensity of 580 candelas per lumen – six times greater efficiency than its predecessor. INTELLIPIX-XT was equipped with a next-generation power supply unit that ensured efficiency of over 95%. This technology enabled the highly compact luminaire to run continuously at full power without any loss of performance. Given the diameter of the optics, Ayrton’s challenge was to create a minimalist physical design to reduce the visual footprint, essentially making the luminaire semi-transparent.


MAGICBURST™ was the first high-power graphic LED strobe with continuous, unlimited, rotation on pan and tilt. A 384 x 384 mm squared face supported 3,840 high-output LEDs grouped into 64 pixels on an 8 x 8 matrix. The strobe duration, speed and intensity of each 60-LED pixel could be individually controlled to create breathtaking stroboscopic effects. A library of fixed images and pre-programmed dynamic effects were accessible from fixture memory.  With a new, state-of-the-art, ultra-compact 1300-Watt power supply, MAGICBURST could deliver peak light output of over 240,000 lumens for several seconds. With a smooth design and reduced dimensions, MagicBurst had the form factor of the DREAMPANEL™ product family, allowing you to create giant graphic arrays with no visible structure.


ALIENPIX™RS is a conceptual multi-rotational luminaire based on designs by an Italian manufacturer in the ‘80s. After four years of development and numerous preliminary iterations, the final product is finally ready for release! Five spot heads on the edge of the central disk can be controlled individually in continuous, unlimited, rotation. The continuous, unlimited rotation of the main disk, and the pan and tilt movement, are controlled by powerful tri-phase stepper motors that allow fast, accurate and silent positioning. The six ultra-powerful, low-etendue, RGBW multichip LED emitters can be controlled individually. The member of AYRTON’s new “RS” product line, ALIENPIX-RS has a powerful 3.5° beam with a centre-beam luminous intensity of over 180 candelas per lumen. ALIENPIX-RS allows you to create revolutionary new volumetric 3D effects. The only limit is your imagination!


VERSAPIX™RS, a contraction of versatile and pixel, is a veritable fan of light. Brilliantly evolved from the VERSAPIX™100 concept first introduced in 2012, the VERSAPIX™RS is the first in the new ultra-radical “RS” product series. A new 40 Watt reduced-scale multi-chip RGBW LED emitter has been combined with innovative 94 mm diameter high-efficiency optics. Once again pushing the limits, this luminaire can generate an ultra-powerful 3.5° beam with a record-breaking centre-beam intensity of 200 candela per lumen. With three times more power and six times more centre-beam intensity, the VERSAPIX™RS offers infinite possibilities for creating 3D volumetric lighting effects regardless of the ambient light conditions.


DREAMPANEL™ TWIN was a hybrid luminaire with the MAGICPANEL on one side and the DREAMPANEL SHIFT on the other. Capable of continuous double rotation on the pan and tilt axes, the DREAMPANEL TWIN could alternate between displaying high-definition video images and 3D volumetric lighting effects. The 6 mm pitch of the video side offered the perfect balance of definition required to display video media on stage, of screen size for enabling full HD, and of overall system brightness. The MAGICPANEL side had improved resolution with its 8 x 8 matrix featuring patented 45 mm diameter collimators that could obtain a full 6° angle and centre-beam luminous intensity of over 73 candela per lumen, a record achievement.


The COSMOPIX™R was an entirely new luminaire based on the concept of the famous double-rotation spheres with PAR36 lamps, dating back to the early ‘80s. Using the latest technology and a variety of options for controlling the new multi-chip RGBW LED emitters, Ayrton equipped this luminaire with new high-efficiency 94 mm optics and revamped this legendary product design, endowing it with a continuous combination of potential effects. Like the RADICAL™ product line, the COSMOPIX-R had a powerful beam of under 5° with a centre-beam luminous intensity of over 100 candela per lumen. Fitted with 12 separately-controlled 60-Watt light emitters in a 12-face arrangement and continuous double rotation on the pan and tilt axes, the COSMOPIX-R would inspire lighting designers to create revolutionary new effects.


A new member of the RADICAL™ product line, MAGICDOT™R was the first professional moving head LED luminaire with a single optical collimator. The new high-efficiency optical system measuring 94 mm in diameter and weighing over 200 grammes required more than two years of development and perfection. The result was an intense beam of less than 5° using a multi-chip RGBW LED with a light-emitting surface of 8 mm2. With its minimalist cylindrical design, the innovative MAGICDOT-R, capable of continuous double rotation on the pan and tilt axes, would allow the user to create groups of luminaires and control each light emitter individually in all directions. Leaving a minimum amount of space between multiple luminaires made it possible to create configurations never before dreamt of.


INTELLIPIX™R was a semi-transparent modular beam projection panel with twenty-five independently controllable 4.5º LED emitters in a 5 x 5 array that could project volumetric colour graphics and media far into the air. Combining revolutionary 67 mm optics with 15-Watt Osram Ostar RGBW LED emitters, INTELLIPIX-R exhibited more power than has ever been imagined by projecting 100 candela per lumen – two and a half times more than that of a 45 mm collimator. Unique in the RADICAL™ Series, INTELLIPIX-R was the only non-moving fixture in the product line. Multiple panels could be connected together to form a giant screen or, with the aid of a conversion kit, placed under glass to create a 3D projection floor that would wrap a performing artist in dynamic columns of light.


MAGICRING™R9 is the most powerful and extravagant luminaire in the RADICAL™ range. With an overall flux of 26,000 lumen and a centre beam intensity of more than 2,730,000 candela, it is reserved for extreme and unique uses and the creation of special effects. MAGICRING™R9 is also the most RADICAL™ in terms of its dimensions. Sixty-one 15 Watt RGBW LED sources are arranged in four rings with the gap between the optics reduced to a minimum. The power, beam concentration, point-by-point control over each luminous source and the layout of the LED rings provide numerous new graphic options including multi-colour volumetric modelling of the beam.


MAGICBLADE™R was a new design that offered continuous double rotation on the pan and tilt axes. Its unique feature was the layout of its seven RGBW LED sources in-line, paired with the highly intensive angle of the optics, which allowed the creation of light curtains with genuine overall consistency. On stage, MAGICBLADE-R’s very high centre-beam intensity enhanced visual perception of the beams in an environment saturated with light – vital in the creation of virtual décor. Ayrton opted for a compact design for MAGICBLADE-R, with the primary objective of reducing the visual footprint of its luminaires. This compactness allowed the MAGICBLADE-R to be installed in all sorts of unique positions and – coupled with its seven individually controllable RGBW LED sources – used to create countless new effects.


NANDOBEAM™S6 is a very powerful and ultra-fast new generation moving-head fixture in a compact housing. Its advanced and highly efficient proprietary optical system coupled with powerful 15 Watt RGBW LED sources provide a narrow 8° beam as well as wide 40° coverage. NANDOBEAM-S6’s thirty-seven 15 Watt LED are cooled by a heatpipe equipped with heat-transfer fluids and heat-exchange material. This advanced cooling technology gives an extended LED lifetime, quiet operation and maximum light source efficiency. A 6,000 lumen output at its 8° angle makes NANDOBEAM-S6 the perfect lighting tool for use as a beamlight moving-head. Its wide angle capabilities of up to 40° coupled with the same 6,000 lumen light output as its narrow beam angle gives great washlight potential.


The first-born in the Creative Solutions family, MAGICPANEL™602 was a modular LED luminaire that could deliver a broad range of visual effects. Equipped with continuous unlimited rotation in pan and tilt, this fabulous fixture could not only display numbers, letters, graphic effects or images, but also act as a dazzling projector. MAGICPANEL-602 integrated the new Ayrton technology allowing individual control of each LED source in expanded Full Colour mode. Its display was made up of 36 15-Watt RGBW LED emitters in a 6 x 6 array, fitted with high-output 7.5° 45 mm optics. The overall luminous flux exceeded 14,000 lumens, with maximum energy consumption of 600 Watts. The square shape of the panel and perfect alignment of the optics, combined with the continuous double rotation movement, allowed lighting designers to create entirely new three-dimensional effects.


ROLLAPIX™100 was the first motorised linear LED luminaire fitted with a 4:1 double zoom system. This new generation of luminaires was designed for the entertainment industry in collaboration with Dimitri Vassiliu, a leading French lighting designer. The distinctive capability of ROLLAPIX 100 was to integrate eight independent 10-Watt RGBW LEDs using two zoom systems that could be controlled independently in order to create a multitude of effects. Using the luminaire’s tilt axis motor, designers could create additional effects such as partitions, barriers or moveable virtual doors. The broad zoom range of each LED group enhanced the visual effects of the light as it appeared and faded in the fog. Pre-programmed dynamic effects accessed from fixed memory could be combined with complex image reproduction and colour macros. The ROLLAPIX 100 was the ideal tool for creating virtual lighting décor or highlighting theatrical scenery.


WILDSUN™ 500C was provided with a four-colour LED source, but its cold white component calibrated at a conventional 6500 K was replaced with neutral white calibrated at 4000 K, thus reproducing a tungsten effect sought after by many lighting designers. WILDSUN 500C was a wash light in the true sense and its optical zoom system was selected for its ability to emulate a Fresnel-type beam. With 37 RGBW 13-Watt LED emitters, the WILDSUN 500C was fitted with an active cooling system using heat transfer fluid with phase change, allowing for heavy use under extreme conditions. The fixture’s independently controllable central LED and rings could generate a multitude of graphic effects. Leading lighting designer Jeff Ravitz judiciously chose WILDSUN 500C for Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band on their 18-month Wrecking Ball world tour.


Ayrton launched its new ICECOLOR™ product line, consisting of three models of luminaire: ICECOLOR 250, ICECOLOR 500 and ICECOLOR 1000. These versatile static LED fixtures designed for dynamic architecture applications and the entertainment market incorporated a brand new RGBW multi-chip light emitter and revolutionary optics that could obtain an 11° native beam with a perfect colour mix. A holographic filter with a range of 20° to 80° would enable lighting designers to adapt to a wide variety of applications. Ultra-silent, ICECOLOR luminaires were equipped with a highly advanced phase-change liquid cooling system that used a heat pipe and no fan.


ARCALINE™2 was the latest development in the Ayrton family of linear LED luminaires. It incorporated an entirely new four-colour multi-chip LED source whose white component was calibrated at 4000 K, reproducing the desired tungsten effect. Its RGB components had been rigorously selected to allow users to create an infinite palette of rich, saturated colours. Equipped with LED sources with primary optics and 45 mm collimators specially developed for wall-washing applications, ARCALINE 2 instantly offered a perfect colour mix. The unique mono-block technical profile of the ARCALINE 2 contained a new generation double linear power supply that allowed intensive use of the fixture in all conditions. ARCALINE 2 was a versatile luminaire that could adapt to all types of indoor and outdoor environments. It was the ideal fixture for architectural illumination, as well as stage, television, theatre, and trade show applications.


The new modular LED imaging display, DREAMPANEL GHOST 256, is the latest development in the DREAMPANEL line. With a high resolution of 1820 pixels per m2, 23.44 mm pixel pitch, 5100-nit brightness and a transparency of over 50%, DREAMPANEL GHOST 256 offers a new performance standard for each screen segment dedicated to creating special effects. Measuring 37.5 x 37.5 cm, the luminaire body is made of highly resistant and exceptionally transparent polycarbonate with a V-0 rating. Robust, lightweight and easy to install, the DREAMPANEL GHOST 256 has been designed for both indoor and outdoor use. An optional framework system is provided to allow the DREAMPANEL GHOST 256 fixtures to be quickly assembled and installed as suspended screens. The maximum assembly size of the panel is 24 x 9 m. AYRTON’s dedicated cables ensure power and data connections and make visual installations neat and simple.


COLORPLAYER 150 is an IP65 versatile luminaire with innovative technical features with a small footprint. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use to meet the specifi c needs of the live entertainment and temporary events market, COLORPLAYER 150 respects the environment thanks to its high optical effi ciency of more than 75%. This enables it to produce an overall lighting fl ux in excess of 5,000 lumens (AWW version) from a power consumption of only 150 W. The high quality of the colour-mixing makes the FULL COLOR version suitable for the most demanding applications. The new COLORPLAYER 150 series has a user-friendly interface and can be addressed and set up via its builtin back-side control panel or through the new COUGAR 2 optional remote controller, when connected to the projector through the DMX line.


SLIMLED 150 is an elegant multi-orientation wash-panel luminaire combining 54 high-power LEDs as its light source and is specially designed for architectural applications. SLIMLED 150 exists in three LED source versions. SLIMLED 150 RGB+AW is a colour mixing luminaire, emitting unlimited choices of rich and saturated colour hues. SLIMLED 150 AWW, a tunable cold white and amber luminaire, allows the user to adjust the colour temperature scale from 2800 K to 6500 K. SLIMLED 150 FULL COLOR is an RGB colour mixing luminaire that can generate a perfect uniform light beam without any multi-coloured point sources or shadows. The SLIMLED 150 is designed for both indoor and outdoor use, at an orientation from 20° forward to 80° backwards in locked positions and is equipped with optional exchangeable optic filters to widen the light beam angle.


The ARCALINE™ LED static luminaire, the latest creation in the Ayrton family of linear units, used the new Lumiled Luxeon K2 High-Power LEDs as a light source. With a stunningly smooth and sophisticated profile, ARCALINE LED range was designed for all kinds of steady applications. Ayrton introduced ARCALINE in 12 versions and two distinct colours (carbon or platinum); in two sizes (with 18 or 36 LEDs); and available with RGB, AWW or AWB light sources. As an enhancement to the linear luminaire family, ARCALINE could be directly powered through an own on-board power supply unit. The highly innovative ARCALINE series matched any surrounding environment perfectly, whether indoor or outdoor, and offered a wide range of scene solutions.


AYRTON launched the DREAMPANEL FLOOR™ 256 as the first modular floor-standing LED video screen. The patented internal design of the video tile was specifically developed to withstand heavy loads without altering the displayed image. For the occasion, Ayrton created its own digital video controller, DREAMPANEL DV-384, which would be used in its future line of modular LED video screens. DREAMPANEL FLOOR 256 was perfect for the most spectacular stage design concepts – it was used as stage floor lighting for Canadian singer Celine Dion’s world tour in 2008.


With the highly successful EASYCOLOR line and experience in implementing LED sources AYRTON introduced, at the London PLASA Show, the MODULED™ 318, a static modular luminaire with three independent arrays, each equipped with 18 Luxeon-powered LEDs. Several EASYCOLOR units could be assembled together to create different shapes, presenting the lighting designer with a variety of options. This luminaire continued to evolve over the years by incorporating the latest technology and inspired the creation of the INTELLIPIX™ product line.


Introduction of the AYRTON brand at the Prolight + Sound trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany, and introduction of EYECOLOR, the first professional LED-based moving head fixtures. Equipped with 192 20 mW LEDs, EYECOLOR could generate a vast palette of rich and saturated colours without resorting to a complex mechanical system. From the time of its launch and despite its limited power compared to contemporary standards, EYECOLOR proved a great success, paving the way for a new type of fixture in the entertainment industry.


Yvan Péard created the Ayrton brand. He chose the name and colour yellow as a tribute to the outstanding Brazilian racing driver, Ayrton Senna.


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