The AYRTON brand was born in 2001 when Aestetique-designs, lighting and technology amateurs & virtuosi got together. AYRTON is specialized in developing intelligent LED light products for Entertainment and Architectural applications.

Based south of PARIS FRANCE, AYRTON Headquarters and Research & Development centre combine and organize the highest competence in engineering, software, electronics and optics, aiming to create highly innovative fixtures.

Since 2010, AYRTON has developed strong partnerships with French companies, notably including research and development of specific optical components dedicated to the entertainment market. Since 2011, these partnerships have enabled AYRTON to push the boundaries of imagination and offer innovative products to lighting designers.

AYRTON fixtures are created to answer any demanding installation and criteria, distributed through devoted and exclusive worldwide teams. AYRTON uses reliable, flexible and avant-garde technologies linked to innovative design, providing the AYRTON customers with wide range of pioneer lighting solutions to be installed in Stages, TV Studios, Showvenues and Architectural schemes.



April 2011

At Prolight+Sound show, AYRTON launched his new family of ICECOLOR luminaires composer of three models: ICECOLOR 250, ICECOLOR 500 & ICECOLOR 1000. These IP65 LED static luminaires redefined the LED lighting applications with a powerful FULL COLOR (RGBW) beam for architectural applications and entertainment market. Versatile and powerful these 3 projectors can be used as a long throw color painter due to the 11° native angle optic system, as a medium/short throw color painter when used with filters, as a matrix effect due to the individual control of each modules of 10 LEDs, as a blinder or stroboscopic effect in white and colours. Last but not least all the ICECOLOR family members are equiped with a very advanced cooling system without fan.

November 2010

AYRTON introduced on the market the WILDSUN 500, a 10.000 lumen FULL COLOUR (RGBW) wash moving head, equipped with a 4:1 zoom with 75% optic efficiency and a very advanced cooling system, designed for the entertainment industry. With its advanced optic system and its new generation 4 in 1 LED this movinghead is a real next-generation projector which really exploited the LED technology efficiency: 10.000 lumen lighting output for 450 W power consumption at full power.

April 2009

Officially introduced at Prolight & Sound 2009 in Frankfurt, a new born in AYRTON LED Static luminaire range: SLIMLED 150 3G, multi-orientation sharpdesigned fixture, implementing the 3G new technology and all assets of existing AYRTON ranges. SLIMLED 150 3G provides a high-end solution for demanding architectural applications: a concentration of Leds into a wall-wash luminaire, an autonomous device, able to be left permanently in any condition of use.

February 2009

AYRTON proudly announces COLORPLAYER 150 3G, the latest innovation in its LED static luminaire range, extending stage lighting to its highest possibilities. Fitted out with 54 High-Power LEDs, COLORPLAYER 150 3G provides in a diameter of only 20 cm, an unrivalled light concentration and new perspectives to the entertainment industry. Fully integrated luminaire, reaching a tremendous and steady light output, COLORPLAYER 150 3G encompasses a new generation of FULL COLOUR LEDs, dedicated to stage lighting.

November 2008

A concept set by AYRTON as a standard for lighting performance: the CONSTANT COLOUR management, to ensure steady colours whatever the duration of use of a luminaire would be. Controlling the light decrease by accurately driving the power supply, the LED light output management becomes more than a necessity: a standard. The 3G products have been designed to answer specific demands and needs, mainly concerning the consistency of light and its duration. AYRTON included this technology in most of its products progressively in 2009.

April 2008

A new step in AYRTON history, introduction of the third LED luminaire generation, a new pace is overcome to make light elaboration easier. 3G develop a new technology, guarantee a constant colour, establish a sophisticated colour blend in lighting creation. 3G offer multiple solutions with a single chip high-power LED, embedding complex colour mixing to achieve highest Colour Rendering Index, or multi-chip high power LED, full colour technology, for colour output uniformity. 3G provide all product lines extremely powerful brightness and advanced thermal management, as well as wide range of beam angles.

September 2007

DREAMPANEL GHOST 256 take-off in Plasa Show 2007. This new screen developed by AYRTON was the ultimate evolution of the item range. Provided with a higher resolution 1820 LEDs per Sqm (pitch of 23,44mm) with a transparency over 50%, it allows dazzling spectacular effects with tremendous “see through” ability. Integrating highly innovative components, it was adapted for entertainment industry as well as architectural installations: the true still unrivalled modular video panel.

February 2007

Presentation of the ARCALINE series in SIEL 2007 in Paris. First product of the new generation of AYRTON luminaires, equipped with the latest LUXEON K2 LEDs from LUMILEDS. AYRTON also proposed a brand-new intelligent power supply which characteristic was to work in high range of temperature and high efficiency. At this stage, these spotlights could definitely replace the classical light sources, with perfectly adapted devices for any condition requirements.

September 2006

AYRTON launch of the New DREAMPANEL SCREEN 256. Totally dedicated to screen mounting applications, its cut-edge design & comprehensive features undoubtedly catch people’s eyes. What‘s sensational about the new DREAMPANEL SCREEN 256 model is the flexibility when rigging up; friendly installation and light suspension make this product again a unique tool for any entertainment applications. Lately adapted for modular but permanent installations, the DREAMPANEL WALL 64, was designed for internal use only.

March 2005

AYRTON patents the internal structure of the floor modular videotile, specifically conceived to sustain heavy loads on the tile without altering the projected image. AYRTON comes to the fore at the Prolight+Sound show Frankfurt 2005 with a sensational and vibrant LED-based product: The “DREAMPANEL“. This groundbreaking 50×50 cm LED-TILE was perfect for video floor based staging. Designed to remove the need for complicated stage structures to house standard wall based video panels, DREAMPANEL FLOOR 256 gives Designers the capacity to virtually construct any shape of floor without concerns over floor loading. Used in major concert tours, such as the 2008 CELINE DION WORLD TOUR, it provides a complete scenographic asset with its full integration of Art display and Light output.

September 2004

The Plasa show 2004 represents for AYRTON the era for a Technological break-through: a new collection in AYRTON’s assets: LED static luminaires. AYRTON used its LED management knowledge to start a new lighting range for the professional lighting industry. Designed with 3 independent matrix-clusters each equipped with 18 High-Power source LUXEON LEDs, the AYRTON “MODULED 318” luminaire is designed to be a modular fixture allowing multiple units to be arranged in horizontal and vertical formats, thus creating the ability to build matrix light effects.

March 2003

The AYRTON brand name is introduced during the Prolight+Sound show in Frankfurt, Germany, along with the presentation of the EYECOLOR, the first professional LED moving head development, designed for entertainment illumination and decoration lighting. With its 192 pieces of 20mWLEDs EYECOLOR is able to generate an unlimited palette of rich and saturated colours. Since its introduction and despite a limited power, EYECOLOR was highly successful within numerous applications for the whole lighting industry.

November 2001

AYRTON Brand-name registration.


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