How does Ayrton contribute
to Sustainable Development?

These are the first steps on our journey to improve our ecological credentials, in all areas of our business. We will publish regular reports and updates on our progress and share our learnings as well as our success.

100% Renewable

Since June 2022, the power needs of Ayrton French HQ are now entirely covered with 100% renewable energy tariff supplied by Ekivolt.

Reducing Impact

Eco-friendly materials
environmentally certified metals for our product

C02 Missions Reports
completed for 2021 & 2022 by consultancy Greenly

pallet wrap and pellets

Robust Plastic Pallets
for shipping & for storage


At this time of increased focus on the environmental challenges we face, it is important we highlight the steps Ayrton has, and continues to take to be as environmentally conscious and responsible as possible.

2022 Executive Summary of Carbon Footprint

Ayrton is committed, at an organizational level, to continually improve how we approach sustainability.

In September 2023, we completed our 2022 Carbon Footprint Accounting,
led by carbon management platform Greenly.

The assessment scope covers all emissions under operational control (Scope 1, 2 & 3),
aligning with ADEME & GHG Protocol methodologies.

General Overview

total carbon emissions
in 2022

Freight emissions
of total emission

Use of Product Sold stands as the most significant carbon impact category, generated by energy consumption of our products in the usage phase

Product Purchase accounts for the second largest share, which covers the embodied carbon of purchased products

Carbon Footprint by Category

Data Quality & Evolution


Let's create meaningful,
long-term change together

As we continue to build upon the change we have created we are investigating offsetting alongside decarbonisation as part of our overall mix. We understand that offsetting is a challenging topic and we are committed to only using traceable/gold standard offsetting programs when we do so. As always, should you have any comments, ideas or concepts to share with us please do so