A new step in AYRTON history, introduction of the third LED luminaire generation, a new pace is overcome to make light elaboration easier. 3G develop a new technology, guarantee a constant colour, establish a sophisticated colour blend in lighting creation. 3G offer multiple solutions with a single chip high-power LED, embedding complex colour mixing to achieve highest Colour Rendering Index, or multi-chip high power LED, full colour technology, for colour output uniformity. 3G provide all product lines extremely powerful brightness and advanced thermal management, as well as wide range of beam angles.

A concept set by AYRTON as a standard for lighting performance: the CONSTANT COLOUR management, to ensure steady colours whatever the duration of use of a luminaire would be. Controlling the light decrease by accurately driving the power supply, the LED light output management becomes more than a necessity: a standard. The 3G products have been designed to answer specific demands and needs, mainly concerning the consistency of light and its duration. AYRTON included this technology in most of its products progressively in 2009.