When production, lighting and multimedia designer, Pawel ‘Spider’ Pajak, and PERCEPTO [LAB] – the team responsible for creative visual production – were approached by production company, East Eventz, to design and deliver creative solutions for a one-off concert, they chose Ayrton MagicPanel-FX and Khamsin-S fixtures to provide contemporary, densely-coloured and dramatic effects for this very special evening. The two-artist concert featured singer Dawid Podsiadlo and rapper Taco Hemingway, and was the first sold-out gig for Polish artists in the history of Warsaw’s PGE Narodowy Stadium, attracting an attendance of 60,000 people.

Spider explains why he chose to use Ayrton’s state-of-the-art technology for this momentous event: “This is not the first time I’ve used Ayrton products – I’ve been using them successfully for quite a few years. I first started with MagicBlade-R then moved to the FX versions, and have also used MiniPanel-FX, MiniBurst and MagicPanel-FX.  I have also adopted Ayrton’s range of more classic, but still distinctive, moving lights, starting first with Ghibli, and this year added one of the latest releases, Khamsin-S, and I want the brand to become even more available in the Polish market.

“I really like multifunctional fixtures with maximum pixel control options so I can use them, not only as lighting fixtures, but also as part of low-resolution video surfaces. I always use them in the highest mode for the maximum creativity. I’ve been able to rely on Ayrton fixtures for several years on so many different productions, from club tours and special events, right up to large scale stadium shows.”

The lighting for this spectacular evening was supplied by Transcolor and included 64 MagicPanel-FX and 44 Khamsin-S fixtures. Spider describes his design and how he chose to use the fixtures: “The MagicPanel-FXs were hung in four groups of 16 pieces each on separate truss structures run by Kinesys motors. Each structure consists of three trusses joined together as one structure, corresponding with the whole stage and multimedia design. The MagicPanel-FX were used for various truss looks, both as lighting effects and in combination with the video content as low-res screens.

“The Khamsin-S fixtures were rigged on four straight trusses above the stage and also powered by Kinesys motors. Each truss consists of 8 Khamsin-S which were used to produce numerous beam and stage lighting looks based on different truss positions above stage.

“Another 12 Khamsin-S fixtures were positioned on the upstage floor to create key looks from behind the band and with the effects being highly visible throughout the show. They also produced some beautiful silhouettes.

“Khamsin-S fixtures are definitely top of my list these days when considering powerful and effective LED based spot luminaires.”

Spider stated his favourite uses and features in the Ayrton fixtures for this concert: “I really liked the moments when the banks of MagicPanel-FX fly in and out, and transform rapidly from lighting fixtures in one moment, into moving low-resolution screens that run content alongside the video screens. The whole set up of 64 MagicPanel-FXs on four separate truss elements gave me a lot of creativity and were fun to use.

“I find the pixel mapping features very attractive and useful. With a matrix of 25 pixels you can really create many different looks, and by using groups of pixels for different purposes during a song, you have a lot of options. The variable zoom is very useful, particularly on a single pixel, as you can have a nice single, strong, beam of light or an eye-catching diffused point of light, both of which also work well in a group.”

Spider was equally emphatic about the reliability and usability of the Ayrton units. “I can’t complain! They are extremely reliable and most definitely worthy of touring. Some of the on-board macros are very useful, especially when time is at a premium. Ayrton products are one of my first choices and have been for some time. There are so many fixtures on the market and you need to choose the ones that can help you shape the show according to the creative concept and be effective and attractive at all times. The MagicPanels are one of those tools that give me a lot of creative possibilities and lighting tools like the MagicBursts are still unique on the market.”

A delighted Spider concluded, “I’m very happy with the performance of all the Ayrton fixtures that I’ve used for this show. They were very important for the whole lighting design and helped to create the very spectacular and vivid stage looks throughout.”

PERCEPTO [LAB] can be contacted at www.perceptolab.one, Instagram @percepto_lab and Facebook @PerceptoLab

Photos credit: © PERCEPTO [LAB] / H.Karapuda


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