A large consignment of Ayrton Cobra laser-sourced fixtures accompanied the hugely successful « a TUTTOCUORE » tour from Italian singer-songwriter and musician Claudio Baglioni, which started on Sept. 21, 2023 from the Foro Italico in Rome and continues throughout Italy until February 2024. The high-level Rock-Opera is presented in three huge spatial dimensions, extending its reach horizontally, vertically and in depth.

The show, which has as its central theme the heart as the one and only reliable clock, integrates different artistic disciplines, bringing together hundreds of artists, performers, choristers and dancers, as well as a strong lighting component, projections of landscapes, faces, shapes and silhouettes. Everything is intended to help give the audience a direct connection, not through the mediation of screens, but through authentic sensory perception.

Illuminating this grand event is lighting designer and DOP, Ivan Pierri, with as many as 450 lighting fixtures, including 108 of the very powerful, laser sourced Ayrton Cobra supplied by Italian rental company, Agora. Cobra is a unique versatile fixture that incorporates all the waterproof features while remaining easily accessible and light weight.

« I chose Ayrton because of the excellent quality of the product. It is a versatile beam that also performs as a spot, and is very strong on colours. Plus, it is IP65, a key feature for an outdoor tour, » says Pierri.

« The Cobras were basically placed to frame the stage and to backlight the performers. Definitely the most valuable weapon at our disposal to create a three-dimensional setting to serve the performer on stage.”

« In terms of concept development, this is not a classic tour. There were 100 performers on stage including dancers and other artists. The challenge was to proceed in parallel with two different levels of language, theatrical and musical, trying to integrate and amalgamate them. The lighting design had to open up spaces and expand the boundaries of the stage to embrace the audience,” he explains.

« The Cobras were excellent in designing geometries and perspectives that immersed the audience in the aesthetic and expressive world created on stage by Claudio Baglioni’s music and Giuliano Peparini’s choreography and stage direction. What was most gratifying about using Cobra was the possibility of using it both as a spot and beam and its strength and quality in the use of colours.”

Vittorio De Amicis, CEO of Agora, adds: « At the beginning of the year we decided to invest in a good number of Ayrton Cobras as we saw that Ayrton is increasingly in demand and recognized on the international scene. To date we are very pleased to have taken this step, and this tour by Baglioni is just one of the important jobs in which our Cobras have been successfully used. Ayrton products are truly state-of-the-art and very reliable, and are supported by Molpass with whom we have been working for years in excellent synergy. »

Text: Courtesy of Molpass, translated by Julie Harper
Photos: © Ivan Pierri

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